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  • Artfull Mother Magazine
    Boulder edition
    Boulder is a lovely home for Artfull Mother Magazine! with a long list
    of interesting contributions we are never short of things to talk about.

    Our Boulder Community Partners include some very special individuals:
    Our friend Lyn, from Intuitive Hands Physical Therapy is someone that
    new moms should really see. Dr Carol the house calls Doc. for kids is doing
    some really special work. And we must include Erica Erika Primozich, from
    Dive into Birth is doing Birth Story Medicine, a must have for many moms in Boulder.

    Here in Boulder try "the mamahood" if you're looking for some mama action
    and if you're in Longmont?
    Not a problem because the Family Garden is there for you too!

  • Artfull Mother Magazine
    Denver edition - Spring 2016
    Welcome Denver Mamas! This is the Summer Season and the Denver edition here!
    In this Issue we have Denver Mama Monet Nicole, with a beautiful and inspiring photo
    birth story.  Samantha Jessup and the Bond Project an original story...
    avoiding the "Boobie Traps"We take a look at Birth as a "Rite of Passage",
    something to look forward to, celebrate, prepare for it and even something to heal from. 

    SarahKate's Henna Belly and Breast Feeding Henna is throughout!
    Oh yea one more thing...   All of the ads in the Denver edition are the
    Denver Community Partners, who are all about pregnancy and postpartum life for
    Denver mama, give them some love too!

    So sit back, prop up your feet and enjoy..
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Artfull Mother Magazine Winter 2018

Greater Boulder & Denver Areas

Winter Issue Artfull Mother Magazine!

We have many interesting articles in our magazine this season, including another wonderful photo series of a mama giving birth with henna on her belly! What is it like to add a 2nd child? Stephanie shares her birth story along with Monet's amazing photos of her experience. 
  One of the joys of the work I do is watching families grow through time, like Katy's. We met to celebrate her first pregnancy and later, her 2nd. Read her story about how they bought a house in Longmont and had a family in a neighborhood where neighbors come out and talk to each other, have parties together, form meal trains for new mamas, and babysit each others kids. These important connections show up differently in each mama's life and I love to hear about all the variations on how women find support in their journey.
  We also have a moving story from Julie, who also gave birth to her 2nd child recently and had to practice allowing herself to slow down - rejecting the cultural idea that women should be Super Moms and do it all. She found support in  other ways, like listening to Janet Landsbury's podcast, online exercise communities and her deck of mothering affirmation cards by Renegade Mothering.
  2018 marks 10 years since I began my art project honoring pregnancy with henna, and it's wonderful to connect with women that I painted so many years ago. I recently began calling models back and inviting them to include their children. It was wonderful to talk to Kathrina again and see her two daughters - the youngest one was in her belly when I adorned her with a turtle for her pregnancy. Seeing the Mother-Daughter bond is such a joy.
  Local mama, doula and Ayurvedic Educator Radha wrote about self care, and how we can tune into whether a food/activity is beneficial to us. 
  Often creating art around your story of mothering can be an incredible healing experience. How do you process your birth when your dream is not your reality? How can  you hold beauty and hardship at the same time? Guiding women through the art of uncovering the Gift of the mothering journee is what Jenna's work is all about.
  Samantha Jessup gave birth to her 2nd child last year and in this season's breastfeeding column she asks us, what memories are you making that mean something to you?
  This time in a woman's life is so important, and I love creating the art that honors the rite of passage into Motherhood. I truly enjoy hearing their artistic visions and allowing the design to unfold spontaneously. As I adorn each woman she shares her stories with me and I gain a greater understanding of this part of life, and at the same time I give back, encouraging & honoring each mama who crosses my path.

My very best,  

SarahKate Butterworth

Please remember to check out the ads in this magazine,
the Artfull Mother, Community Partners are the among the best at what they do, anywhere, they are local (in every sense) and they are really great women to get to know!



Artfull Mother - Community Partners

We select Community Partners based on quality of care, reputation and participation in the community and a sincere commitment to the care they provide for the mama community. We love our Community Partners, they are the kind of folks we use for our own families.

Naturally, we are very interested in what you think, please share your your experiences and impressions, we answer all of our contact mail personally.

Web Art By Sarahkate Butterworth sarahkatebutterworth.com
Art by SarahKate www.sarahkatebutterworth.com for Artfull Mother Magazine
Artfull Mother - | ahrt-fuh l | muhth -er | 
  • 1. A woman who embraces art as a fundamental part of her mothering experience, her primary means expression and relating the joy and pain of being a Mother
  • 2. Making the act of mothering Art, Every movement, each look and gesture in relation to her child are creative and a deeper expression of the "Mother" in all women who cares for all children.
  • 3. A very prolific artist, That is her 12th painting today, she is one "Artfull Mother "


Explore the pages of this magazine, drinking in the photos, read the stories and interviews, we invite you to [feel] a kinship with the women in the photos. As you gaze at the bellies, you may feel a greater connection, a connection to "the mother", the part of each woman, through the generations, across race, borders even time where that spark... between a mother and her child, is intended for us all.

This magazine is published as a humble acknowledgement, of the single greatest thing humanity can do, it is not limited to the rich & powerful, the creation of another living human life,  exactly like you and entirely unique at the same time.

We dedicate this magazine to the highest form of art... you!            You Art*full Mother!

Artfull Mother Blog

  • SarahKate Butterworth, the Creative Director of Artfull Mother, has her own personal blog - check it out! 

  • Mothers and Daughters gathered together.... beautiful!

  • Dancing for birth can be a wonderful, gentle exercise that every pregnant mama can enjoy - even though who feel they have "two left feet". It was founed in 2001 by Stephhanie Larson in Missouri. She supports birth through movement, teaching expectant mothers simple moves for safrer, esier birth. Many teachers have been trained in this method, and I've heard numerous women come and tell me how much they loved their Dance for Birth Classes. These photos are from an art project I did with Debbie in 2016 - it was so fun! 

  • I'll never forget the first birthday I celebrated with henna - I was 27 years old and had been adorned by my friend as a birthday gift. The experience of walking around in this massive, gorgeous tattoo was unique experience, unlike anything else. I celebrated at Eliches with her and a couple of girlfriends and I LOVED getting all the compliments for the art. A highlight for sure!

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  • Do you love to read birth stories, can't get enough birth and baby pictures? Then photographer and writer Monet Nicole is someone to look up! Monet's blog is captures the essence of a birth; authentic, gritty and heart rendering. Monet has a column in Artfull Mother where she shares some of her work, each season, one of my favorites each month.

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  • Sacred Pregnancy is a concept based on the Sacred Living movement, Sacred Pregnancy Classes are a new take on a Birth Preparation Classes,  based on a book by Anni Daulter, Sacred Pregnancy, help women connect to their pregnancy expereinces in personal and meaningful ways.   Bringing back the age old tradition of women supporting eachother and the idea of birth as a rite of passage!  

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  • Prenatal yoga can be a fantatic way to prepare for birth. 

     This yoga class taught by Faith Davis, a teacher at Mamalove in Boulder along with a great way to stay in shape while pregnant, prepair for your birth and to meet new moms!  This special class brought together a group of new mama's, friends were made and a good time was had by all!  See some great pictures and learn how you can participate in a class like this one!

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  • "Let’s talk about something! It’s not a pleasant subject. It’s the nasty little triad of issues one might face after having a vaginal birth. I’m talking about the after effects and trauma that can happen to your bottom..."

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  • Did you know that the dandelion is extremely nourishing for overall health? At Birds and Bees Teas they use dandelion in their Grounded tea. 

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  • The tradition of honoring pregnancy & postpartum is an ancient one, and I love recreating it for modern mamas. This post reveals the body art journey for 2 pregnancies

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  • During winter season children can come down with a cold. When it warrants medicine, we wonder: what is safe for children? Dr. Carole Gedenberg, shares her answers to these questions:

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  • There is so much about February that makes it one of our favorite months! it such a magical time of year here in Colorado, it snowy and white but mixed in with these beautiful bluebird days. 

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Henna Pampering in Time Lapse

Have you ever wondered what it looks to get a Belly painted? It takes a while, at least 90min and often more, how cool it would be to be able to watch the whole thing without having to invest 2 hours in someone else's pleasure.

Now you can, with Time Lapse Pampering, see an entire "Henna Belly Pampering" in less than a minute, get your curiosity filled before you finish reading this post!

Visit our Henna Video Channel